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Wyoming Valley Country Club offers three membership categories to suit each individual’s needs. Below is a listing of the three categories and a brief description of each.

Senior Membership

Our Senior memberships provide full access to all Club facilities and social activities including use of the clubhouse, dining rooms, driving range, and golf course. This membership includes unlimited golf privileges for the member only.

Social Membership

Social memberships provide full usage of the Club’s dining venues and attendance to our social events for the member, the member’s spouse, and dependent children as prescribed by the club. Use of the driving range is an option. Social members are permitted to one (1) round of golf per month with payment of required Green and Cart Fees. They may also be a guest of a Senior member once a month.

Corporate Membership

Membership is open at both the Senior and Social Level. Memberships will be identical to present categories with the exception of voting privileges and equity privileges. Memberships are issuded in the name of the firm or corporation and are assigned to a particular designee who must be an employee or a member of the Board of Directors of said corporation.

Clergy Membership

Open to ordained Clergy of all faiths.

For more information on memberships and fees please contact Susan Sincavage at 570-824-8241, ext. 3 or








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